Calvin O. Schrag – “The Communicative Turn in Philosophical Discourse”

Calvin O. Schrag – “The Communicative Turn in Philosophical Discourse”

Calvin O. Schrag delivered the lecture “The Communicative Turn in Philosophical Discourse” at Purdue University on Thurs. Feb. 20th, 2014, as part of Purdue University’s Illuminations lecture series.

See our 2011 interview with Professor Schrag here.

Calvin O. Schrag is the George Ade Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Emeritus of Purdue University. A graduate of Yale and Harvard, a Fulbright Scholar at Heidelberg and Oxford Universities, a Guggenheim Fellow at the University of Freiburg, and a co-founder of the international philosophical quarterly Continental Philosophy Review, he is the author of nine books, of which the most recently published are The Self After Postmodernity (1999), God as Otherwise Than Being: Toward a Semantics of the Gift (2002), and Convergence Amidst Difference: Philosophical Conversations Across National Boundaries (2004).

A. The Epistemological Turn
1. Obsession with Foundations
2. Rules and Criteriology
3. The Kantian Response
B. The Hermeneutical Turn
1. Interpretive Understanding
2. Functioning Intentionality
3. The Heideggerian Contribution
C. The Communicative Turn
1. Communication as Constitutive of Knowledge
2. Communication and the Being Question
3. A Non-Foundationalist colloquy ergo sum
D. Toward a Communicative Ethics
1. Critique of Value Theory
2. An Ethic of the Fitting Response
3. The Grammar of the Gift

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